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Photographer of life where my camera is my third eye, please enjoy your visit.

Soft Pixel

Art of light

This is a piece of work on behalf of our local childrens theatre, i smply love the challenge of shooting the action on stage in low light conditions and do many live events.


No one loves more than to look back at old photo's more than me so why don't people have quality portraits done now, something for their children and grand children to look back on, it's easy! Get in Touch.


Loving the great outdoors, whats not to love if you see it through my eyes. this is an image of the little larbert loch next to FVRI near Falkirk.

Street Photography

Everyones imagines street photography as something different and it is, i captured this lovely couple on a walk through beacraigs country park.

Black & White

Film Noir

I simply love Black & White and the variations in tone and the effects that can be achieved using contrast and blackpoint to achieve the final outcome.

Street Stories

Street Cred

The beauty of street photography is capturing that candid moment of real life you simply cannot acheive this by asking to take someones picture in the street. Take the shot then ask if they mind and offer a copy of the image.

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